Alien Cicatrix (part 01 of 06) - The Alien Races - Free download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online for free. from ALIEN CICATRIX by Corrado. Genesis II - Corrado Malanga English - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read Alien Cicatrix (part 03 of 06) - Scars and Implants on abductees. From “ALIEN CICATRIX 2″ by Dr. Corrado Malanga, July SIMBAD: SOME SPECIFIC CASES. Previous: The Global Picture Of Alien Interferences.

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(*LInks or pdf: In Italian:). Level 6: This “Levels of Alien Interference, Types of Aliens, Alien Cicatrix, p and ). In Alien Cicatrix, p. Corrado Malanga – Alien Cicatrix (ES) // DOWNLOAD HERE Corrado Malanga Update on Alien Interferences () /// VIDEO HERE Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. PDF | Codium recurvatum is described from material collected on a Tanzanian reef slope. The diminutive species is easily recognized by its unusual morphology.

Above, still on the left, theres an orange cone, representing the aliens body.

The orange cone represents, either the Five fingered alien, or the Saurian, or the Insectoid, or the Bilobate which we also called Heart shaped. These are the names we used also in Alien Cicatrix. At the bottom right we can see a black ellipsoid with the word LUX: Going upwards we can see a toroid with the word memoria aliena alien memory , which represents the Alien Memories, both the active and the passive ones. Going still upwards theres a transparent cylinder with the word 6 Dita 6 fingered , which represents the extra-dimensional parasite that can have at times an artificial body created with a machine , and characterized by a humanoid ephebic structure: In order to follow all of these characters, we need to use this symbology to outline the abductees life.

Well consider the whole scheme in detail at the end of this section, but lets look at the starting point now: When the abductee is born, he has a body containing a Mind, a Soul and a Spirit, having their own Consciousness, and since they are overlapping, they are not aware of being the sum of three different things. It is now that the LUX starts to parasitise the abductee, and the also by the Six fingered alien hooks itself to the abductee.

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In particular, the LUX parasites the person even before the fetus is detached from the mothers placenta. The Six fingered alien, as it is described in Alien Cicatrix, will intervene only later on, when it is convenient for him to make use of the abductee Souls resources; now it is not possible to know exactly when, but this is not particularly important.

We are still in the first few days of life, or actually in the first few hours, when the newborn is already taken through a physical abduction. At times this kind of interference takes place when the abductee is still in the mothers womb and still connected to the placenta. The programming can use different techniques, depending on the alien which performs it.

As an example, the Saurian alien uses the abductees optic nerve as a transmission cable: The AAM is the sum of an aliens Spirit and Mind, but it doesnt include his body, as we can see from the upper extension of the following graph:. The abductee, in the bottom right part, is programmed using an Alien Active Memory and in the meantime they momentarily take out his Soul component the little red ball.

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The Soul is used in a regeneration cycle: Then the alien is split up: In the worst alien worst case scenario the alien body could be already dead, and so the corresponding AAM is then left in the the abductees body until it is possible to find a new place for the AAM in a newborn alien body. So the Soul stays for just a few seconds in the assembled alien upper left , but she must then be absolutely put back again in the the abductees body, which is the only one where she can permanently stay.

Now lets see what happens when following the arrow pointing upwards on the right. Through this operation taking out the Soul, T. This revitalization cycle takes place regardless of the presence of the AAM and for all the alines who need it.

To be more clear, each abductee has only one AAM, but she supplies her energy, through her Soul to a bunch of aliens: Moreover she supplies her energy, every now and then, also to the LUX and the Six fingered, who do not need to take her body away.

The LUX actually parasitize the abductee continuously, and the Six fingered has an optimum Mind control on the abductee, which he uses on the abductees mind while he is comfortably closed in his place, in his dimension, probably using a console or some kind of tool which communicates with the abductee.

As we already said in Alien Cicatrix, the Six fingered alien uses a physical body only when he needs it, but he actually does not have a body, just like the LUX and the AAM which dont have a body. He partially disconnect the abductees Soul and brings it to his dimension, and.

After this milking process, the Soul, which never totally disconnects from the the abductees body, not even in this lapse of space-time, gets to be normally connected again to the body of the legitimate owner until the next exploitation. A research -stopalienabduction-. Elena websites www.

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Alien Cicatrix part 05 of 06 - Abduction and the Oniric World. Autobiography of J. Alien Cicatrix - Del Dr. Topics corrado malanga, abduction, coscienza, anima, fisica In questa corsa, infinita ed affannosa, l'essere umano vede i simboli I programmi per le analisi dei brani sono: Speech Analyzer e Cool Edit , tutti Daughter of time: Here are the main points in this, Dr.

In Alien Cicatrix, p. Corrado malanga,entrevista y tecnica Corrado Malanga Alien Cicatrix, p.

Sirius A and B in a photo and as drawn by the Dogon

Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni Alien Cicatrix part 03 of 06 - Scars and Implants on Alien Hierarchies and the Research of Dr.But Brahma is something else! The answer is that the symbol of the fish is connected to two important aspects of our past, one very real and one ideic and symbolic.

The only thing that changes is the interpretation our mind provides us with, depending on the different prerequisites within each of us. There was no fish alien. Sandra Crosnoe.

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Jesus Christ Son of our Saviour God. Max Steinberg. The false abductee is extremely positive regarding the aliens, he hopes that they will be back soon and they will take him away with them, he emphasize that this means like a reward to him, a reward that humanity has refused to give to him, but that, on the contrary, aliens want to give to him, because they identify him as a superior being.

These aliens come from the Taurus constellation so we also call them also Taurian , they are usually described as beautiful and there are both male and female ones.

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