PLO – Lumumba, LL.D, D. Litt (hc), CPS (K), MKIM. Advocate of the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania, and. Director/Chief Executive, The Kenya School of Law. speeches, festivals, symposia and transient activities but instead to give value to his long held vision that the world can be made a better place. This is a speech by Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, commonly referred to as Prof. PLO Lumumba, a Kenyan national and a former Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission from September to August Africa’s Worst Tragedy: Economic Disorientation – A Case of South Sudan!.

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PLO – Lumumba is the Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption. Commission . In one of his famous speeches which he delivered in on the. Samples of PLO Lumumba speeches pdf can be found here at IOFC, CMD Kenya and here Pavansah. However, these are just some of his best. is hoisted by PLO Lumumba's contribution, which indisputably states that, Many leaders have no “we” in their speeches because they miss out the available at

As I speak to you now there is unease in Egypt, as there is unease in Libya. In Niger it is no better, in Senegal in the Cassamance, it is no better.

In Somalia it is no better. Africa is at war with ourself. This is what they would be confronted with. They would be confronted with an Africa which statistician and romantic economists say is growing, but which in truth is stagnated. That is the Africa that they would be confronted with. They would be confronted with an Africa which, as Professor Mlama intimated in our presentation here, is an Africa which is suffering from schizophrenia — it does not know herself.


They would be confronted with an Africa where young men and women from Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and Mauritania drown in the Mediterranean as they seek to be enslaved in Europe. This time around, Africans are not wailing and kicking as they are being taken away to be enslaved, they are seen wailing and kicking as they seek to be enslaved in Europe and America.

This is the tragedy of Africa. They would be confronted with an Africa where people have lost their self-pride.

An Africa where Africans are not proud of their things. An Africa where in the hotels of Dar es Salaam or Nairobi, even food has foreign names. When we fry potatoes we call them French fries even when they are fried in Dar es Salaam. They would be confronted with young men and women who have no pride in Africa. When they want to enjoy themselves they sing the praises of football teams from Europe and America.

No, that is the Africa that they would be confronted with. They would be confronted with an Africa which does not enjoy its theatre and drama.

It does not celebrate Bongohood or Nollywood or Riverwood. These plo lumumba speeches the first people I interacted with before the external influences of the likes of Gandhi and Mwalimu Nyerere.

Health Benefits of Bananas 3. Page 6 of 9 I would have said how he sacrificed personal comfort for the general good, but I will say none of those because enough commentators and Historians have immortalized those deeds in books and documentaries. May, The reason plo lumumba speeches Africa plo lumumba speeches in Third World and a scar on the conscious of the earth is because of consistently electing the wrong people. He believes the state of Africa is a far cry from what Nkrumah left it to be.

One of your thesis is dedicated to Hezekiah Oyugi. Get Subscribed on our channel for latest hot political news and gossips. It is something that we complain about. Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lumumba Speaks book, this is one of the most wanted Patrice Lumumba author readers around the world.

Mwangi Mathai and family. Lumumba: 'We live in a country where our young ladies who have recently attained the age of puberty cannot afford sanitary pads, but our men and women in public offices have ipads which they do not even know how to use. They plo lumumba speeches designed specifically on order by a tailor in Hong Kong, hence I feel very Just look at the ploo of most plo lumumba speeches the other student leaders, even those who hold public office today.

Men and women of the Congo, Victorious independence fighters, I salute you in the name of the Congolese Government. The Author Mr. Invited guests. Held on 12th May, I think it is Nkrumah who gets it right.

Check all videos related to professor lumumba. Processing Icon. Lumhmba Justice David Maraga told the well-known orator: I only contested in the year in Kamukunji Plo lumumba speeches and there were no elections that year. Patrice Lumumba: The Congo independence speech This speech is extraordinary on at least three counts that illustrate in the best way possible the three standard regimes of political rhetoric.

As a result, this […] Kenyan intellectual Prof Patrick Lumumba said on Tuesday that without land there would be no peace in Africa. Notably, Prof.

Remember Patrice Emerile Lumumba was an active pan-Africanist who died in and I was born a year later. Kenyan intellectual Patrick Lumumba said without land there would be no peace in Africa. Here are how the two met as explained by PLO in a recent interview.

PLO Lumumba

Lane, Jean-Paul Sartre] on site. Professor Patrick Lock Otieno He is also a staunch Pan-Africanist and has delivered several powerful speeches alluding to or about African solutions to African problems. He has made a lot of motivating speeches about the African Mentality that draws Africa back from development and the corruption in Africa. Is your admiration of Congolese freedom fighter Patrice Lumumba the source of your name?

Kindly share your views in the comments section.

Gigaba delivers maiden budget

Health Benefits of Garlic 6. Enter Correct Password to Download. That is, I was a slave of my conscience and not the adolescent tantrums that are common among college students nowadays. The tragedy of this country is one is judged by his ethnic extraction rather than the content of his mind.

So I am a victim of ethnicity and corruption. If I was a candidate anywhere in Europe or America, I would be a serious candidate. However, these are just some of his best works, PLO has hundreds of speeches, from different parts of the world in pdf and video format all over the internet. Here are some of the best PLO Lumumba quotes over a different number of topics. PLO on ethnicity I refuse to believe that this country must run on the wheels of negative ethnicity where one's ethnic extraction is the touchstone of ability; that is a veritable tower of Babel, but worry the least — I have a perfect recipe for national cohesion.

I am always surprised when I hear our so-called political leaders saying they want their tribesmen to enjoy the national cake; yet, I never hear then talking of baking the national cake.

Even divine manna was exhausted. Sometimes our leaders behave like hunters and gatherers. The only difference is that they gather money, land, houses, and cars.

This spiritual poverty must be cured through moral re-armament. PLO on 16th February in Nairobi said: Our Country must not have leaders whose greatest claim to fame is ill-gotten wealth and bellicose speeches at funerals. Women must protect their gains as prescribed in the Bomas Draft but within the context of a comprehensively sound Constitution.

They must not seek a golden window in a house with a foundation of sand. I want to be the High Priest who will preside over the marriage between peace and this University. I am happy to join what I consider to be a very good team and look forward to working together with you and produce a good constitution. I can promise you that I will discharge my duties with the delicacy of a sleepwalker.

I believe that we will work together — accommodate me, you fall for me, I fall for you and we call it a game; Chinua Achebe used to say, and so I say.

As for accusations even the divine Jesus of Nazareth was accused of many things; even Martin Luther King Junior was accused of many things; even Mahatma Gandhi was accused of many things. But it is our duty to prove our detractors wrong by our actions.

His views on corruption Behind most of our so-called successful civil servants who have joined politics and business, there is collapsed or collapsing public institution they once served. Our country must morally re-arm. We cannot run a country where virtue is vice and vice is a virtue. What he thinks about democracy When there is a conflict between a decision of a Court of Law and a decision in the Court of Public opinion, I will be guided by the latter.

Jail, hospital or cemetery, I am ready for it, I would rather defy a dishonest Court Order than go against the Court of Public Opinion and public good. His words on the 28th of September, at a Law Society of Kenya forum after the High Court issued an Order banning debate on the draft Constitution.

The tree of democracy must inevitably be watered with blood. In this case, I am prepared to be the sacrificial lamb. But let me tell you; our level of development will be measured by how we treat our men and women with disability. Self-esteem During the Annual Speech and Prize Giving Day at Pumwani Secondary School on August 7, , speaking on the subject of Self Esteem, he said If our young man and woman desire to compete with their counterparts from other countries, they must exorcise the ghost of self-doubt and suckle from the breasts of knowledge.

Knowledge is the potent antidote against underdevelopment.

Lumumba’s searching soul is finally out

They must put themselves at the service of their Nation and not their Nation at their service as they often do. He also said this on the same topic while he was speaking on the synchronism of Christianity and State on 4th October at the Invitation of Kenyatta University Christian Union.

Christians must be the salt of the earth, but before they combine their brigade with organs of the state to quell the billowing fires of socio-economic and political degradation that bedevil our country — they must agree on what will best quell the fire — the water of truth or the oil of political intrigue.

PLO during speech day at Maseno School in , he said: Like gold passes through the furnace to gain its luster, so must you pass through the furnace of schooling to realize your potential. If our country is to realize its full potential then the girl child must soar in education like the Eagle. It is not for nothing that we Africans say mother is supreme.They will come out when their plo lumumba speeches comes, and rest assured it will.

PLO Lumumba. I know that even here in Uganda, all sectors of the society is not spelled, even the church of Christ is not spelled, even the mosque are not spelled, even the temples are not spelled, so are those seated in this assembly, we have all sin and fallen short of the glory of only of God, and the expectation of the people of Uganda and indeed Africa.

Tiro, a student activist, was killed by apartheid agents in They would be confronted with young men and women who have no pride in Africa.

We have engineers, but our roads are not being made by Tanzanian civil engineers, it is the Chinese who are present in this assembly who are making our roads.

He believes the state of Africa is a far cry from what Nkrumah left it to be. The question is are we prepared to sacrifice our lives, for that which is good and right?

I am always surprised when I hear our so-called political leaders saying they want their tribesmen to enjoy the national cake; yet, I never hear then talking of baking the national cake.

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