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Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue – Indian History – Ancient India [Series] Darpan Extra Issue – New Reasoning Test {Exam Oriented} [Series] [PDF] - Stark. INDIAN HISTORY-ANCIENT INDIA -PRATIYOGITA DARPAN OPTIONAL SUBJECT. by Netaji IAS · Published 17th January · Updated 17th January Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity Special issue (English pdf). Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity Special issue click here to download. December.

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Even though the book is for optionals the rating is based on Prelims Questions Features There are boxes in each chapter about the main topics. It is very useful for remembering things quickly. I have seen no other books with immense boxes of quick facts which is related to ancient India Chronology of rulers of various periods is mentioned.

Objective questions at the end of each chapter.

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The period was also notable for the emergence of Guru Nanak — , the founder of Sikhism. In , Punjab came under the rule of Marathas , who captured the region by defeating the Afghan forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali.

Abdali's Indian invasion weakened the Maratha influence, but he could not defeat the Sikhs. After the death of Ahmad Shah, the Punjab was freed from the Afghan yoke by Sikhs between and At the time of the formation of the Dal Khalsa in at Amritsar , the Punjab had been divided into 36 areas and 12 separate Sikh principalities, called misl.

From this point onward, the beginnings of a Punjabi Sikh Empire emerged. Out of the 36 areas, 22 were united by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The other 14 accepted British sovereignty.

After Ranjit Singh's death, assassinations and internal divisions severely weakened the empire. Six years later the British East India Company was given an excuse to declare war, and in , after two Anglo-Sikh wars , the Punjab was annexed by the British.

The British Raj had political, cultural, philosophical, and literary consequences in the Punjab, including the establishment of a new system of education.I have seen no other books with immense boxes of quick facts which is related to ancient India Chronology of rulers of various periods is mentioned.

There is no compulsion to read this book. Sociology Notes.

Add to cart Send as Gift. Lal Kitab Sagar Publications. Joshi: "There is no doubt that the Kambojas, Daradas, Kaikayas, Andhra, Pauravas, Yaudheyas, Malavas, Saindhavas and Kurus had jointly contributed to the heroic tradition and composite culture of ancient Punjab".

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