2 days ago Download site site and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod In the coming weeks, you will be able to select multiple books in your. site has hundreds of thousands of e-books available to download and download. If you have the site app for iOS, you can download and. At one point or another, you've probably opened the site app on your iPhone or iPad and tried to download a site e-book, only to realize you.

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The first edition of "The iPhone Book" was chosen by site's editors as their Computer/Technology Book of the Year. This new version of the book, totally. How to Do Everything with Your iPhone (): Jason Chen, Adam Pash: Books. About This Book. You don't get a printed manual when you download an iPhone. Online, you can find an electronic PDF manual that covers the basics well, but it's .

It was cool!

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The best part was being able to download and read books instantly. But then I lost my site.

So I downloaded the site app on my iPhone. And that was cool, too. Because then I had the benefits of being a site owner again without having to download another site.

And I also didn't have to lug around two devices or worry about whether my site was charged or where it was, etc. But then it came time to download a new site book.

I read them happily, in bed, and, surprisingly, did not go instantly to sleep it's a good story! But then the free excerpt ended. I was hooked by that point.

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It's been a years-long issue between the two companies, which are in a stalemate over how much money Apple can take out of site's e-book sales. That includes e-books, movies, music, and things like virtual stickers.

That's too much for site. Mike Torres, a site product director at site, said the company is still waiting on acceptable business terms from Apple before it can add the feature.

Meanwhile, Android app users continue to be able to download e-books through the app. site Prime members have access to more than 1, books and magazines through the app.

Related: site finally made a waterproof site The new social features on the site app are meant to keep people flush with reading recommendations. A tab shows an information feed about what your friends are reading and reviewing.

You can see or share notes or highlights, and then comment on them. It's like a tiny book-centric Facebook.

Apple's Greed Is Making My iPhone Worse

If you don't use Goodreads, you can still see activity here from popular reviewers or authors. E-readers are dropping in popularity.But currently there appears to be no direct link from anywhere within the site app for iPhone to a place where you can actually download an ebook.

There are tons of features to explore on the site App. It will automatically appear in your site site and site Reader libraries. site site has a far greater range of titles but Apple Books look better.

User Comments: When Steve Jobs was still alive, the companies competed to control ebook pricing, which led to an antitrust lawsuit between Apple and the US. The iPhone is literally heavier but it also feels figuratively heavier: there's something in that makes you sense a lot has been compressed into its casing.

Enter the same username and password on all devices you want to transfer e-books between, which should match your existing online site. Post a comment.

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