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Castle Hill (a novella). Fall From India Place. Echoes of Scotland Street. Moonlight On Nightingale Way. One King's Way (a novella). Valentine (a novella) . Samantha young castle hill epub. Banshee salmon stone has been trying to 28 inches from 35 bytes. I have become app windows with a journal of technology. Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella (On Dublin Street) - site edition by Samantha Young. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones.

Marry me. I promise to try not to fuck it up if you promise to try not to fuck it up. View all 16 comments. Castle Hill was a perfect catch up with one of my favorite couples, Braden and Joss. Getting to witness their most important moments filled me with joy. Seeing all of that in this novella brought back every reason why I loved this couple so much in the first place. Their sizzling chemistry, intense passion and their desperate love that they share is Castle Hill was a perfect catch up with one of my favorite couples, Braden and Joss.

Their sizzling chemistry, intense passion and their desperate love that they share is addictive, and a sheer pleasure to witness. When you love someone so intensely they have the power to make you immensely happy, but also, hurt you deeply. Joss having lost all of her family makes her deathly afraid to lose anything precious in the future. The idea of having children is something that sends her into a panic and this hurts Braden. With a little bit of angst to make their HEA all the more sweet, this novella was perfectly lovely!

Nothing else matters. Stop shaking, and just marry me. Thank you! View all 11 comments. Dec 02, Michelle rated it it was amazing. This novella was just the icing on the cake.

Sometimes I wondered, though if he knew how much. I wondered if he knew that just watching him sleep made me scary happy, breathless even. I wondered if he knew that he was absolutely, without a doubt, everything to me. This was chopped into segments, each event outlined. Joss still struggles with her ability to show her emotions, utterly terrified of losing it all.

But Braden broke through her walls and fought like hell to force her to face her fears. But he wants more, he wants it all. He wants his ring on her finger, to claim her heart completely and to give her his name. And just when my heart felt like it would burst, it broke. There was a moment in this story completely destroyed me.

I was a mix of angry and desperate. These two had fought so hard and watching them hurt was completely devastating. This event allowed us to see just how much Joss had grown and a completely different side to Braden.

I am not sure if I really loved that side, but it let him completely bare and vulnerable. This completed their story perfectly and I can't wait to see what Samantha Young has in store for us with the rest of this series. View all 10 comments. Dec 07, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. It was wonderful to catch up with Braden and Joss again; see Braden's proposal, their subsequent marriage and their honeymoon. Braden is still shit-hot and Joss is finally allowing herself to be fully happy.

Of course, just when you think all is well in paradise, drama ensues. I really had fun reading this novella. This is definitely a must-read for all ODS fans. Nov 11, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: This was an adult contemporary romance novella featuring Joss and Braden. View 2 comments.

Nov 14, Auntee rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of the series. Can't get enough of these two, even though Braden had an asshole moment or two, and Joss started letting the old fears get to her. There's a proposal, a wedding, a scorching hot honeymoon Joss is still struggling with fears that she's going to muck up the relationship, and Joss and Braden's lack of communication about what they want for their future threatens the marriage.

These two need to talk things out! But I just love these two, and Ms. Young makes the reader realize that no matter how much these two are in love, they're going to make mistakes and have some conflict. As long as they make up that's ok with me! Don't be upset, Braden Just talk it out View all 5 comments. Oct 28, Brenna rated it really liked it Shelves: From the proposal, to the wedding, to the honeymoon, and some after. There is A LOT packed into this little novella.

Him and Joss are as hot as ever and I loved the sexy times shower scene, anyone? I had massive warm and fuzzies while reading this! And boy did I feeeel it! It hurt and it drove me a little nuts, but thankfully he is my gorgeous Scot and when he eventually comes to his senses he had me gushing about him all over again. See, I really do have a problem when it comes to him.

The growth in Joss was awesome to see, she has really come full circle and I actually enjoyed being in her head a lot for this one. I felt like the way she talked herself through things made a lot of sense and I could see her growth from On Dublin Street. I really loved this novella.

I could have kept reading about these two for much longer. It definitely is. I have no shame, Paula FTW! Also 'like' us on Facebook. View all 8 comments. I thought this was going to be like an extended epilogue You know There was a wedding.

And there was a honeymoon. And there was SOME hot sex. But what happened to all of the other sex?!?! The almost airport bathroom sex for one?? Everything was fine and dandy until Joss had to view spoiler [go and get herself knocked up!!

And let me guess No condom 3. No condom?!?! But that just led to a bunch of un-necessary drama and mis-communication. Which I I mean Braden So there was that.

I also found some of the dialogue a bit cheesy. If you're a fan of the Dublin Street series then I am sure you will like this book. Oct 09, Chrissa rated it really liked it Shelves: Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella!!! Can't wait for this one!!

I'm going to fall in love all over again! I love that Samantha Young gave us more from them, and I do hope we get more in the future, because one can never get enough of In Dublin Street 's favorite couple at least my favorite couple in the series.

Aug 21, ItsMedea rated it it was amazing. Ich fand das war eine Gelungene kleine Fortsetzung zu dem ersten Buch. Hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen: Oct 04, Lady Vigilante Feifei marked it as to-read.

More Joss and Braden!!! This novella is like an extended epilogue for Joss and Braden. I thought I would be annoyed with Joss, but actually it was Braden's turn to be insecure.

I loved how in such a short book I manage to feel happy, grin like an idiot, angsty and on the verge of crying. View all 13 comments. Apr 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: Castle Hill is a novella 2.

I have enjoyed some of these books better than others but Joss and Braden's story will never get old in my opinion. Although Castle Hill is technically a novella, I consider it the ultimate epilogue for their story in the first book On Dublin Street. Castle Hill is beautiful, lovely, r Castle Hill is a novella 2.

Castle Hill is beautiful, lovely, romantic, incredibly sexy, and endearing Joss and Braden have overcome so much in their relationship but old habits die hard.

I'm happy to say I was smiling at the end though. I just love their characters and will always happily read their story. If you follow this series, or even if you've only read the first book, check out Castle Hill!

Braden wears a kilt in it. Just sayin'. My favorite quote: The ratings are my opinion only. View 1 comment. BR with Patty Braden Carmichael is still one of the sexiest book boyfriends ever! Just so damn hot!!! Love him!!! In this short story we get Braden's marriage proposal, the wedding, an the honeymoon in Hawaii.

Braden and Joss have it together, and are finally on the same page. They are so in love,and happy and excited for their future together.

Samantha Young

They have a bit of drama, but what book isn't complete without a little angst. Also loved the mention of one of my favorite bands Bastille! Just looking at him caused a different kind of ache inside of me. Even when I didn't like you very much, I loved you completely. View all 7 comments. Nov 10, Ellie rated it it was ok Shelves: Unfortunately, it didn't work for me and left me disappointed. The story was rushed and it included far too many things for its short length - the proposal, the wedding, the honeymoon, view spoiler [the pregnancy hide spoiler ].

They were not developed in depth and their presentation was rather superficial. The story is told from Joss' POV, yet it feels detached, emotionally distanced. On the plus side, Joss and Braden are the same characters that I loved in Dublin street. Braden is sexy and cocky, somewhat possessive and impulsive but completely in love with Joss.

Joss is mad about him as well, but she is still struggling with her fears and they taint some of the sweetest moments in their life. The conflict towards the end of the book which put their marriage under stress was weak and unrealistic.

The whole problem was just one giant misunderstanding due to inability to communicate on both sides. There were some times and some sexy times but they were not enough for me to enjoy the story more. In the end I am left wondering if this novella was necessary at all or a nice epilogue to On Dublin Street would have been a better option.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley. Jan 17, KatLynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Another hot, sexy read following Brandon and Joss' journey. Loved it! Dec 02, Vanessa rated it really liked it Shelves: Why the hell I waited this long to reconnect with one of my fave authors and VERY favorite book boyfriends, I will never know! So great to check back in on these characters. On Dublin Street is one of my all time favorite books.

And even though I read it over two years ago, picking this book up, made me feel like I just read Joss and Braden's s 4. And even though I read it over two years ago, picking this book up, made me feel like I just read Joss and Braden's story yesterday! I love Joss too. She was always one of my fave heroines. Fierce and smart mouthed and doesn't take any shit from anybody.

Just enough wit, sass, angst, and delicious sexy time. Wish it would've been a bit longer. Yes, it's a novella. That left me kind of bummed. But otherwise? Oct 30, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: It felt so good to be able to catch up with Braden Carmichael.

The man who single-handedly made me love On Dublin Street so much. Castle Hill gaves us their extended HEA, the wedding veils, the honeymoon and some angst filled married couple drama and another swoony ending. Joss had come a long way but she still tends to sabotage her own happiness.

Joss acting up was understandable because she is who she is. Once again Joss is afraid of losing everything she hold dear. What came as a surprise was B It felt so good to be able to catch up with Braden Carmichael. What came as a surprise was Braden's reaction this time. It seems like Mr. Perfect finally showed some flaws. I thought it was good, I want to see how he crack. Last time, no matter how Joss pushed him away, he was adamant and persistent and always managed to win her.

But now, he finally was pushed over the edge and Joss might just have a hard time bringing her husband around. A LOT hide spoiler ] Despite the marriage issue and miscommunication, I very much enjoyed this little novella and glad to see how far Joss and Braden had come since they first met in a taxi three years ago. Feb 27, Plamena rated it it was amazing. On Dublin Street is one of my favourite books and Braden and Jocelyn are one of my favourite book couples!

Their story is beautiful, sweet and romantic!

Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella

It is rather short I just need more and more! Automatyczne logowanie. All characters and events in this publication, other than those clearly in the public domain, are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing ofthe pub- lisher, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent downloadr.

This often meant late-night type-fests and despite the fact that I was partially con- sumed by their story, I was also very much aware of my considerate bedfellow and was trying to act as he would and not wake him up. After saving the file, I shut the laptop down and stared at it for a while.

Breathing in and out, slowly, evenly, I controlled the wound inside of me. Pain slashed me deep across my chest and when I thought on the loss of my parents, of my little sister, Beth, that cut would widen into an agonizing gash. Now I felt it. Braden helped a lot with that. Among other things. I smiled and turned in my chair to look at him in the dark room. His bare back was un- covered, the sheets drawn up to his waist, his long legs tangled in them in the middle of the bed.

But looking at his sleeping face in profile I stopped myself. I lay down on my side, my hand tucked under my cheek, and I stared at him. He was beautiful. Just looking at him caused a different kind of ache inside of me.

Stars Over Castle Hill

This was a man who un- derstood I could be difficult and stubborn and a little bit irrational okay, maybe a freaking lot irrational , and still loved me. But Braden knew I loved him. Sometimes I wondered, though, if he knew how much.

I wondered if he knew that just watching him sleep made me scary happy, breathless even.

I wondered if he knew that he was absolutely, without a doubt, everything to me. But that was the old me. My eyes dropped to his mouth, his beautiful mouth, which said and did a lot of nice things to me. I was everything to Braden. I knew this be- cause he told me so. He never made me doubt how much I meant to him.

I sighed.

Finished my chapter. Now go back to sleep. You know that right?

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After searching them, his sleepy mouth curled up at the corners. A note of seriousness entered his gaze as he drew his thumb across my mouth. A shiver rippled through me and I loved that he excited me so much. I feel the same way. I arched into his touch, bracing my hands on his chest.

His lips brushed gently over mine as he shifted me so his erection throbbed between my legs.

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I had on a thin T-shirt and my best pair of black skinny jeans. Sure, he was tired from lack of sleep, but that had never stopped him from paying attention to what I had to say. It left me feeling confused.

I felt like I was missing something. Way back in my pre- Carmichael years I used to live in Brunts- field. It was popular with students. The journey to Bruntsfield had a purpose. We were back, trying to find the shop and hopefully the shoes. I knew the discussion pertained to our friend Jo and her new boyfriend, Cameron.

However, my gut told me Cam was a good guy. I do realize there are times when romance needs to take a back burner to reality. Taking her home to meet his parents this weekend?

I hope he means it. Struggling to look after her little brother and her alcoholic mother, Jo always chose men who had financial se- curity.It left me feeling confused. Ich fand das war eine Gelungene kleine Fortsetzung zu dem ersten Buch.

Don't fret though! Oct 09, Chrissa rated it really liked it Shelves: Enlarge cover. Speak soon! His sister appeared in the doorway, smiling broadly. Joss still struggles with her ability to show her emotions, utterly terrified of losing it all.

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