Talash /تلاش book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Read Book Talash by Mumtaz Mufti on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous and next page. Talaash by Mumtaz Mufti - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Mumtaz Mufti started writing Urdu short stories while working as.

Book Talash By Mumtaz Mufti

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download Mumtaz Mufti's book Talaash online at تلاش Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp: Or You can order online below. Notable works, Ali Pur Ka Aeeli, Alakh Nagri, Labbaik, Un Kahi, Talash, Muftianey. Notable awards, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Munshi Premchand Award, Website. Mumtaz Mufti (Urdu: ممتاز مفتی) ( September 11, – October 27, ), was a writer from The book Talaash ( "Quest") was the last book written by Mumtaz Mufti. Labbaik Islamic Book by Mumtaz Mufti In Pdf. Mohammad Ali .. Free download and read online Talash by Mumtaz Mufti urdu afsana in vinttililmelu.gag Urdu.

The purpose of this collection was to provide readers with an indepth insight on the religion Islam but this seemed more like a compilation of self-contra Talash is a collection of short stories based on Mumtaz Mufti's quest in discovering the true meaning of Islam and Muslims and addresses some of the major questions concerning the minds of Muslims in the current era.

The purpose of this collection was to provide readers with an indepth insight on the religion Islam but this seemed more like a compilation of self-contradictions. Also, the idea projected by the author was seering clear of fundamentalist mentality but more often than not I found the author to be endorsing it.

One of the amazing book at first I thought he is totally against Islam and playing with belief but later on I got know that really I got my destination. Jun 29, Tariq Mahmood rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't know about this book.

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First of all there is a lot contradiction between the way he takes down Alims but than follows others of his own choice. The book is also incredibly positive outlook on Pakistan which is a theme he seems to have borrowed from Qudrat Ullah Shihab. Also the role of the Prophet, Koran and Muslim race has been greatly eulogised.

He has also indulged in taking down the Western race without properly looking into reasons why they have done better. I give credit to Mufti for trying to get youngsters out of the doctrinal clutches of Pakistani Islam, but he fails to give them any future direction. Why should the young not be impressed by Western development?

Haven't the Westerners after having learned from Muslims doing a great job currently? The issue is, that when knowledge is lost, or moves away from one culture how do you recapture it back?

And that is what these scholars need to be thinking about. Oct 05, Iqra rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is literally outstanding! When people write something, they write their experiences.

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Mumtaz Mufti had an interesting perspective. He was connected to ALLAH by heart, his thoughts were different, actually everything was different for him. He believes in becoming a good person first. Instead of compelling others to tread on the way of Islam, he, himself tries to tread on a straight path. After reading, reader will surely try to seek all the answers of the questions poses by the book.

Mar 22, Muhammad Imran rated it liked it.

Talash Novel By Mumtaz Mufti Summary:

This is an apt depiction of questions baffling our new generation's mind with regards to the place of Religion and God in their lives - individual or collective.

A book name 'Yaaft' needs to be written to answer these questions and let the wandering souls settle down on some firm ground. May Allah give me strength to write it.

Mar 19, Fahad Naeem rated it liked it Shelves: Mumtaz Mufti didn't start well and his ideas were confusing but he kept on improving with the built up. Talash is a controversial book for many and requires a lot of bookish and real-life knowledge to fully comprehend it. With all of the hype, I neither read it twice nor recommend it to anyone.

Talash By mumtaz Mufti

View 2 comments. Jan 19, Q. Muhammad Imran Shahzad. A brilliant book. Speaks directly to you. Written in a very simple manner that touches the heart because the reader can relate to it.

The book poses some questions without giving the answers and challenges the reader to seek them out on his own. We all know God differently. In the light of our observation, knowledge and experiences but above all in the light of our pre-determined, planted, programmed and conditioned dogmas and beliefs that have been installed by those who think they know it all. Hence we do not research to seek our the true nature of God on our own.

This book, I believe, asks its readers to seek Him out themselves. It is a good insight for the Muslim readers to explore unlimited possibilities in comprehending their knowledge about Islam and being a Muslim on one hand, whereas, on the other it provides a useful insight in to Islam and the Muslim world for the non-Muslims and the western world in order to enable its readers to fully understand the true essence of Islam.

Feb 17, Khalil Ullah rated it really liked it. Jan 18, Sunny rated it really liked it. JazakAllah ul Kher Mufti. Mar 05, Amna rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Talash is a collection of essays.

It presents the basic idea of how a Muslim should be apart from his namaz roza and hajj. This is the book which makes you feel comfortable with being a Muslim and gives you the confidence that you can actually add something positive to this cauldron by just being a Muslim.

Talash Book by Mumtaz Mufti Review and Pdf

Apr 03, Chaudhry Nasir rated it it was amazing. One of few books in urdu language that depicts the true image of Islam in front of you those aspects and angles you really want to know from the true perspective And this perspective is for away from Mullahs.

May 17, Ahmed since rated it it was amazing. About truth of religion.

Dec 26, Shaheen rated it it was amazing. Aug 18, Ubaid Talpur rated it it was ok. The writer is totally different as he exposed himself in his novel based autobiography "Ali pur ka Alei". Aug 17, Super Sayan rated it it was amazing. Very inspirational. I was sad and happy at the same time and you really start contemplating about life, Allah, and Prophet SAW. Anyone who wants to read or has read the book should also listen to a few lectures of Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar.

I would particularly recommend listening to "Ilm aur Allah" on youtube. Apr 23, GZ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mufti has spoken to the hearts of people by addressing what baffles the Muslim Ummah of our region in the present times. It especially connects with the young generation, who are identified by the faith just because they were born a Muslim.

Through simple narration and recollection of life experiences, Mufti brings out an aspect of Islam as a harmonious religion; something that brings balance to your life.

For anyone who hasn't read this book yet, it is a must read. Jul 08, Hameeda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved his views throughout the book and he keeps mentioning that he doesn't know much about religion himself.

Talash /تلاش

As we all know that no one can claim that they know everything about religion. Even if we spend all our lives studying religion it will be like a drop in a sea. What I took from this book is " In order to become a good Muslim, we have to become a better human being first and love God's creation. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. We will send this product in 2 days. Read more Call us now for more info about our products.

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The book Talaash "Quest" was the last book written by Mumtaz Mufti. However, I think it is the brainchild of Aamir Riaz, a local publisher who is shown as its managing editor. His friends and admirers including Ashfaq Ahmed , Bano Qudsia and Ahmad Bashir have appeared as speakers at these events. He strongly criticizes the Illiterate and so-called Islamic scholars molvis or ulmay dein as they are relentlessly depicting a negative and strict image of Allah-man relationship.

Sitara-e-Imtiaz , Munshi Premchand Award,

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