Feb 1, The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. City of Bones. City of Ashes. City of Glass. City of Fallen Angels (4/5/). City of Lost. Fallen has 56 entries in the series. Passion. Fallen (Series). Book 3. Lauren Kate Author Justine Eyre Narrator (). cover image of Passion. PRAISE FOR FALLEN, THE BESTSELLING SERIES BY LAUREN KATE. “This series has delivered glorious settings, fast-paced action and a love that transcends death.”. “Twilight-style success could be in the cards for the fallen-angel saga.”.

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Jul 12, Download 4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren vinttililmelu.ga Passion (Fallen #3) Luce would die for Daniel. And she has. Over and over again . Throughout time, Luce and Daniel have found each other, only to be painfully. 4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren vinttililmelu.ga - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

We must go. As they waded down the snowy street, over the rough cobbles and the tram tracks set into them, Luce realized that the city wasnt empty after all. Few cars were parked along the road, but occasionally, down the darkened side streets, she heard the whinnies of carriage horses waiting for orders, their frosty breaths clotting the air.

Silhouetted bodies scampered across rooftops. Down an alley, a man in a torn overcoat helped three small children through the hatched doors of a basement. The only cars parked here were military vehicles. They looked old-fashioned, almost absurd, like relics in a war museum: soft-top jeeps with giant fenders, bonethin steering wheels, and the Soviet hammer and sickle painted onto the doors.

But aside from Luce and her grandmother, there were no people on this street.

Everythingexcept for the awful rumbling in the skywas ghostly, eerily quiet. In the distance, she could see a river, and far across it, a great building. Even in the darkness, she could make out its elaborate tiered spires and ornate onion-shaped domes, which seemed familiar and mythic at the same time.

It took a moment to sink inand then fear shot through Luce. She was in Moscow. And the city was a war zone. Black smoke rose in the gray sky, marking the pockets of the city that had already been hit: to the left of the vast Kremlin, and just behind it, and again in the distance to the far right. There was no combat on the streets, no sign that enemy soldiers had crossed into the city yet on foot.

But the flames licking the charred buildings, the incendiary smell of war everywhere, and the threat of more to come were somehow even worse. This was by far the most messed-up thing Luce ever done in her lifeprobably in any of her lives. Her 19 parents would kill her if they knew where she was. Daniel might never speak to her again. But then: What if they didnt even have the chance to be furious with her?

She could die, right here in this war zone. Why had she done this? Because shed had to. It was hard to unearth that small hint of pride in the midst of her panic. But it must have been there somewhere.

Shed stepped through. On her own. Into a distant place and a faraway time, into the past she needed to understand. This was what shed wanted. Shed been pushed around like a chess piece long enough. But what was she supposed to do now? She picked up her pace and held tight to her grandmothers hand. Strange, this woman had no real sense of what Luce was going through, no real idea of who she even was, and yet the tug of her dry grip was the only thing keeping Luce moving.

Where are we going? Luce asked as her grandmother yanked her down another darkened street. The cobblestones tapered off and the road became unpaved and slippery. The snow had soaked through the canvas of Luces tennis shoes, and her toes were starting to burn with the cold. To collect your sister, Kristina. The old woman scowled. The one who works nights digging army 20 trenches with her bare hands so you can get your beauty rest.

Remember her? Where they stopped, there was no streetlamp to light the road. Luce blinked a few times to help her eyes adjust. They were standing in front of what looked like a very long ditch, right in the middle of the city. There must have been a hundred people there.

All of them bundled up to their ears. Some were down on their knees, digging with shovels. Some were digging with their hands.

Some stood as if frozen, watching the sky. A few soldiers carted off heavy loads of earth and rock in splintery wheelbarrows and farm carts to add to the rubble barricade at the end of the street. Their bodies were hidden under thick army-issue wool coats that billowed out around their knees, but beneath their steel hats, their faces were as gaunt as any of the civilians. Lucinda understood that they were all working together, the men in uniform and the women and children, turning their city into a fortress, doing anything they could, down to the very last minute, to keep the enemy tanks out.

Kristina, her grandmother called, the same notes of panic-washed love in her voice as when shed been looking for Luce. A girl appeared at their side almost instantly. What took you so long? Tall and thin, with dark strands of hair escaping from under the porkpie hat on her head, Kristina was so beau- 21 tiful, Luce had to swallow a lump in her throat.

She recognized the girl as family right away. Seeing Kristina reminded Luce of Vera, another past lifes sister. Luce must have had a hundred sisters across time. A thousand. All of them would have gone through something similar. Sisters and brothers and parents and friends whom Luce must have loved, then lost.

None of them had known what was coming. All of them had been left behind to grieve. Maybe there was a way to change that, to make it easier on the people whod loved her. Maybe that was part of what Luce could do in her past lives. The great boom of something exploding sounded across town. Close enough that the ground rocked under Luces feet and her right eardrum felt like it was splitting. On the corner, air-raid sirens started going off.

Kristina took hold of her grandmothers arm. She was near tears. The Nazistheyre here, arent they? The Germans. Luces first time stepping through time on her own and shed landed smack in World War II. Theyre attacking Moscow? Her voice wobbled. We should have left town with the others, Kristina said bitterly. Now it is too late.

And abandoned your mother and your father and your grandfather, too? Baba shook her head. Left them alone in their graves? Kristina spat back. She reached for Luce, squeezing her arm. Did you know about the raid? You and your kulak friend? Is that why you didnt come to work this morning? You were with him, werent you? What did her sister think Luce could possibly have known? Who would she have been with? Who but Daniel? Of course. Luschka must be with him right now. And if her own family members were confusing that Luschka with Luce.

4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren Kate.pdf

Her chest constricted. How much time did she have left before she died? What if Luce could find Luschka before it happened? Her sister and grandmother were staring at her. Whats wrong with her tonight? Kristina asked. Lets go. Baba scowled. You think the Moscovitches are going to hold open their basement forever? The long drone of a fighter planes propellers sounded over them in the sky. Close enough that when Luce looked up, the dark swastika painted on the underside of its wings was clear.

It sent a shiver through her. Then another boom rocked the city, and the air grew caustic with dark smoke. Theyd hit something nearby. Two more massive explosions made the ground shudder beneath her feet. It was chaos on the street. The crowd at the trenches 23 was disappearing, everyone scattering up a dozen narrow streets.

Some hustled down the stairs of the metro station on the corner to wait out the bombs underground; others disappeared into dark doorways. A block away, Luce caught a glimpse of someone running: a girl, about her age, in a red hat and a long wool coat.

She turned her head for just a second before she sprinted on. But it was long enough for Luce to know. There she was. She wrestled free of Babas arm. Im sorry. I have to go. Luce took a deep breath and ran down the street, straight into the roiling smoke, toward the heaviest bombing. Are you crazy? Kristina yelled. But they didnt follow her. They would have had to be crazy themselves. Luces feet were numb as she tried to run through the calf-high snow on the sidewalk.

When she reached the corner where shed seen her red-hatted past self dash by, she slowed. Then she sucked in her breath. A building that took up half of the city block directly in front of her had caved in. White stone was streaked with black ash. A fire churned deep inside the crater in the buildings side. The explosion had spat out heaps of unrecognizable debris from inside the building. The snow was streaked with red. Luce recoiled until she realized that the red 24 streaks were not blood but shreds of red silk.

It must have been a tailors shop. Several badly singed racks of clothes were scattered in the street. A mannequin lay on its side in a ditch. It was on fire. Luce had to cover her mouth with her grandmothers scarf to keep from choking on the fumes.

Everywhere she stepped, shattered glass and stone cut into the snow. She should turn back, find the grandmother and sister who would help her get to shelter, but she couldnt. She had to find Luschka. Shed never been so close to one of her past selves before. Luschka might be able to help her understand why Luces own lifetime was different.

Why Cam had shot a starshot into her reflection, thinking it was her, and told Daniel, It was a better end for her. A better end than what? She slowly turned around, trying to spot the flash of the red hat in the night. The girl was running downhill toward the river. Luce started running, too. They ran at precisely the same pace. When Luce ducked at the sound of an explosion, Luschka ducked, tooin a weird echo of Luces own movement. And when they reached the riverbank, and the city came into view, Luschka froze into the exact same rigid stance as Luce herself.

Fifty yards in front of Luce, her mirror image began to sob. So many homes were being leveled. Luce tried to fathom the other lives being destroyed across the city tonight, but they felt distant and unreachable, like something shed read about in a history book.

The girl was on the move again. Running so fast Luce couldnt have caught her if shed wanted to. They ran around giant craters cut into the cobblestone road. They ran past burning buildings, crackling with the awful racket a fire makes when it spreads to a new target. They ran past smashed, overturned military trucks, blackened arms hanging out at the sides. Then Luschka hooked left down a street and Luce couldnt see her anymore.

Adrenaline kicked in. Luce pressed forward, her feet pounding harder, faster on the snowy street. People only ran this fast when they were desperate. When something bigger than them spurred them on. Luschka could only be running toward one thing. Luschka His voice. Where was he? For a moment, Luce forgot her past self, forgot the Russian girl whose life was in danger of ending at any moment, forgot that this Daniel wasnt her Daniel, but then Of course he was.

He never died. He had always been there. He was al- 26 ways hers and she was always his. All she wanted was to find his arms, to bury herself in their grasp.

Passion by Lauren Kate

He would know what she should be doing; he would be able to help her. Why had she doubted him before? She ran, pulled in the direction of his voice. But she couldnt see Daniel anywhere. Nor Luschka. A block away from the river, Luce stopped short in a barren intersection. Her breath felt strangled in her frozen lungs.

A cold, throbbing pain tunneled deep inside her ears, and the icy pinpricks stabbing her feet made standing still unbearable. But which way should she go? Before her was a vast and empty lot, filled with rubble and cordoned off from the street by scaffolding and an iron fence. But even in the darkness, Luce could tell that this was an older demolition, not something destroyed by a bomb in the air raids. It didnt look like much, just an ugly, abandoned sinkhole.

She didnt know why she was still standing in front of it. Why shed stopped running after Daniels voice Until she gripped the fence, blinked, and saw a flash of something brilliant.

A church. A majestic white church filling this gaping hole. A huge triptych of marble arches on the front faade. Five golden spires extending high into the sky. And inside: 27 rows of waxed wooden pews as far as the eye could see. An altar at the top of a white flight of stairs. And all the walls and high arched ceilings covered with gorgeously ornate frescoes. Angels everywhere. The Church of Christ the Savior. How did Luce know that? Why would she feel with every fiber of her being that this nothingness had once been a formidable white church?

Because she had been there moments before. She saw someone elses handprints in the ash on the metal: Luschka had stopped here, too, had gazed at the ruins of the church and felt something.

Luce gripped the railing and blinked again and saw herselfor Luschkaas a girl. She was seated inside on one of the pews in a white lace dress. An organ played as people filed in before a service.

The handsome man to her left must have been her father, and the woman next to him, her mother. There was the grandmother Luce had just met, and Kristina. Both of them looked younger, better fed.

Luce remembered her grandmother saying that both her parents were dead. But here they looked so alive. They seemed to know everyone, greeting each family passing their pew. Luce studied her past self watching her father as he shook hands with a good-looking young blond man. The young man leaned down over the pew and smiled at her. He had the most beautiful violet eyes.

The lot was once again little more than rubble. And alone. Another bomb went off across the river, and the shock of it dropped Luce to her knees. She covered her face with her hands Until she heard someone softly crying. She lifted her head and squinted into the deeper darkness of the ruins, and she saw him. Daniel, she whispered. He looked just the same. Almost radiating light, even in the freezing darkness.

The blond hair she never wanted to stop running her fingers through, the violet-gray eyes that seemed to have been made to lock with hers. That formidable face, the high cheekbones, those lips.

Her heart pounded and she had to tighten her grip on the iron fence to keep from running to him. Because he wasnt alone. He was with Luschka.

Consoling her, stroking her cheek and kissing her tears away. Their arms were wrapped around one another, their heads tipped forward in a never-ending kiss. They were so lost in their embrace they didnt seem to feel the street rolling and quaking with another explosion. They looked like all there was in the world was just the two of them.

There was no space between their bodies. It was too dim to see where one of them ended and the other one began. I thought Id never find you, Luce heard her past self say. We will always find each other, Daniel answered, lifting her off the ground and squeezing her closer. Hey, you two! A voice shouted from a doorway in a neighboring building.

Are you coming?

Across the square from the empty lot, a small group of people were being herded into a solid stone building by a guy whose face Luce couldnt make out. That was where Luschka and Daniel were headed. It must have been their plan all along, to take shelter from the bombs together. Yes, Luschka called to the others. She looked at Daniel. Lets go with them. His voice was curt. Luce knew that tone all too well. Well be safer off the street. Isnt this why we agreed to meet here?

Daniel turned to look back behind them, his eyes sweeping right past the place where Luce was hiding. When the sky lit up with another round of golden-red explosions, Luschka screamed and buried her face in Daniels chest. So Luce was the only one who saw his expression. Something greater than fear of the bombs. Oh no. A boy near the building was still holding open the door to the shelter. Everyone else was already inside. That was when Daniil spun Luschka around, pulled her ear close to his lips.

In her shadowy hiding place, Luce ached to know what he was whispering. If he was saying any of the things Daniel ever told her when she was upset or overwhelmed. She wanted to run to them, to pull Luschka awaybut she couldnt.

Something deep inside her would not budge. She fixed on Luschkas expression as if her whole life depended on it. Maybe it did. Luschka nodded as Daniil spoke, and her face changed from terrified to calm, almost peaceful. She closed her eyes. She nodded one more time. Then she tipped back her head, and a smile spread slowly across her lips. A smile? But why? It was almost like she knew what was about to happen. Daniil held her in his arms and dipped her low.

He leaned in for another kiss, pressing his lips firmly against hers, running his hands through her hair, then down her sides, across every inch of her. It was so passionate that Luce blushed, so intimate 31 she couldnt breathe, so gorgeous that she couldnt tear her eyes away. Not for a second. Not even when Luschka screamed. And burst into a column of searing white flame. The cyclone of flames was otherworldly, fluid and almost elegant in a ghastly way, like a long silk scarf twisting around her pale body.

It engulfed Luschka, flowed out of her and all around her, lighting up the spectacle of her burning limbs flailing, and flailingand then not flailing anymore. Daniil didnt let go, not when the fire singed his clothes, not when he had to support the full weight of her slack, unconscious body, not when the flames burned away her flesh with an ugly, acrid hiss, not when her skin began to char and blacken.

Only when the blaze fizzled outso fast, in the end, like the snuffing of a single candleand there was nothing left to hold on to, nothing left but ashes, did Daniil drop his arms to his sides.

In all of Luces wildest daydreams about going back and revisiting her past lives, shed never once imagined this: her own death. The reality was more horrible than her darkest nightmares could ever have concocted.

She stood in the cold snow, paralyzed by the vision, her body bereft of the capacity to move. Daniil staggered back from the charred mass on the snow and began to weep. The tears streaming down his cheeks made clean tracks through the black soot that was all that was left of her.

His face contorted. His 32 hands shook. They looked bare and big and empty to Luce, as ifeven though the thought made her oddly jealoushis hands belonged around Luschkas waist, in her hair, cupping her cheeks. What on earth did you do with your hands when the one thing they wanted to hold was suddenly, gruesomely gone?

A whole girl, an entire lifegone. The pain on his face took hold of Luces heart and squeezed, wringing her out completely. On top of all the pain and confusion she felt, seeing his agony was worse.

This was how he felt every life. Every death. Over and over and over again. Luce had been wrong to imagine that Daniel was selfish. It wasnt that he didnt care. It was that he cared so much, it wrecked him. She still hated it, but she suddenly understood his bitterness, his reservations about everything. Miles might very well love her, but his love was nothing like Daniels. It never could be. She wanted to return all the kisses and embraces shed just witnessed him giving to her past self.

She knew it was wrong, that everything was wrong. Daniils eyes widened. A look of abject horror crossed his face. What is this? As if he 33 hadnt just let his Luschka die. As if Luces being there was worse than watching Luschka die. He raised his hand, painted black with ash, and pointed at her. Whats going on? It was agony to have him look at her this way. She stopped in her tracks and blinked a tear away.

Answer him, someone said, a voice from the shadows. How did you get here? Luce would have recognized the haughty voice anywhere.

She didnt need to see Cam step out of the doorway of the bomb shelter. With a soft snap and rumble like an enormous flag being unfurled, he extended his great wings.

They stretched out behind him, making him even more magnificent and intimidating than usual. Luce couldnt keep herself from staring. They cast a gold-hued glow on the dark street. Luce squinted, trying to make sense of the scene in front of her. There were more of them, more figures lurking in the shadows.

Now they all stepped forward. All of them were there. All with their wings arched tightly forward. A shimmering sea of gold and silver, blindingly bright on the dark street. They looked tense. Their wing tips quivered, as if ready to spring into battle. For once, Luce didnt feel intimidated by the glory of 34 their wings or the weight of their gazes.

She felt disgusted. Do you all watch it every time? Luschka, Gabbe said in an even voice. Just tell us whats going on. And then Daniil was there, gripping her shoulders. Shaking her. Im not Luschka! Luce shouted, breaking away from him and backing up a half dozen steps. She was horrified. How they could live with themselves? How they could all just sit back and watch her die? It was all too much. She wasnt ready to see this. Why are you looking at me like that? Daniil asked. Shes not who you think she is, Daniil, Gabbe said.

Luschkas dead. This is. How is she standing here? When Look at her clothes.

Shes clearly Shut up, Cam, she might not be, Arriane said, but she looked fearful, too, that Luce might be whatever Cam was about to say she was. Another shrieking from the air, and then a blast of artillery shells raining down on the buildings across the street, deafening Luce, igniting a wooden warehouse. The angels had no concern for the war going on around them, only for her.

There were 35 twenty feet now between Luce and the angels, and they looked as wary of her as she felt of them. None of them drew closer. In the light from the smoldering building, Daniils shadow was thrown far ahead of his body.

She focused on summoning it to her. Would it work? Her eyes narrowed, and every muscle in her body tensed. She was still so clumsy at this, never knowing what it took to get the shadow into her hands. When the dark lines began to quiver, she pounced. She gripped the shadow with both hands and started twirling the dark mass into a ball, just as shed seen her teachers, Steven and Francesca, do on one of her first days at Shoreline.

Just-summoned Announcers were always messy and amorphous.

They needed first to be spun into a distinct contour. Only then could they be pulled and stretched into a larger flat surface.

Then the Announcer would transform: into a screen through which to glimpse the pastor into a portal through which to step. This Announcer was sticky, but she soon pulled it apart, guided it into shape.

She reached inside and opened the portal.

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She couldnt stay here any longer. She had a mission now: to find herself alive in another time and learn what price the Outcasts had referred to, and eventually, to trace the origin of the curse between Daniel and her. The others gasped as she manipulated the Announcer. When did you learn how to do that? Daniil whispered. Luce shook her head.

Her explanation would only baffle Daniil. The last thing she heard was his voice calling out her true name. Strange, shed been looking right at his stricken face but hadnt seen his lips move. Her mind was playing tricks. Daniel shouted again, but too late: In that instant she was gone. He had only just emerged into the bleak, snow-swept landscape. Hed felt a flash of light behind him and the heat of a blaze nearby, but all he could see was Luce. He rushed toward her on the darkened street corner.

She looked tiny in someone elses threadbare coat. She looked scared. Hed watched her open up a shadow and then No! A rocket smashed into a building behind him. The 38 ground quaked, the street bucked and split, and a shower of glass and steel and concrete gathered up in the air and then rained down.

After that, the street went deadly quiet. But Daniel barely noticed. He just stood in disbelief among the debris. Shes going further back, he muttered, brushing the dust from his shoulders. Shes going further back, someone said. That voice. His voice. An echo? No, too close for an echo. Too clear to have come from inside his head. Who said that? He dashed past a tangled mess of scaffolding to where Luce had been.

Two gasps. Daniel was facing himself. Only not quite himself an earlier version of himself, a slightly less cynical version of himself. But from when? Dont touch! Cam shouted at both of them. He was dressed in an officers fatigues, combat boots, and a bulky black coat.

At the sight of Daniel, his eyes blazed. Unwittingly, both Daniels had drawn closer, stepping around one another in a cautious circle in the snow. Now they reared back. Stay away from me, the older one warned the newer. Its dangerous. I know that, Daniel barked. Dont you think I 39 know that? Just being this close made his stomach lurch. I was here before. I am you. What do you want? Im Daniel looked around, trying to get his bearings. After thousands of years of living, of loving Luce and losing her, the tissue of his memories had grown ragged.

Repetition made the past hard to recall. But this place wasnt so long ago, this place he remembered Desolate city. Snow on the streets. Fire in the sky. It could have been one of a hundred wars. But there The place on the street where the snow had melted.

The dark crater in the sea of white. Daniel sank to his knees and reached for the ring of black ash stained on the ground. He closed his eyes. And he remembered the precise way she had died in his arms. So this was what she was doingtunneling into her past lives.

PDF Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi (Yellow Jersey Cycling Classics) Read Online

Hoping to understand. The thing was, there was no rhyme or reason to her deaths. More than anyone, Daniel knew that. But there were certain lifetimes when hed tried to shed some light for her, hoping it would change things. Sometimes hed hoped to keep her alive longer, though that never really worked.

Sometimeslike this time during the siege of Moscowhed chosen to send her on her way more quickly. To spare her. So that his kiss could be the last thing she felt in that lifetime. Those were the lifetimes that stood out and drew Luce like filings to a magnet as she stumbled through the Announcers. Those lives when hed revealed to her what she needed to know, even though knowing it would destroy her.

Like her death in Moscow. He remembered it keenly and felt foolish. The daring words hed whispered, the deep kiss hed given her. The blissful realization on her face as she died. It had changed nothing. Her end was exactly the same as always. And Daniel was exactly the same afterward, too: Bleak. Gabbe stepped forward to kick snow over the ring of ash where Luschka had died. Her featherlight wings glowed in the night and a shimmering aura surrounded her body as she hunched over in the snow.

She was crying. The rest of them came closer, too: Cam. Her betrayal of Lucifer was what this Fall was all about. Lucinda loved Lucifer until it hurt her, until their love was consumed by his pride and rage. She stopped loving Lucifer because the thing that he called love made her disappear.

Their adoration never diminished the Throne, but his love diminished her. In the end she was the angel who would tip the scales. The punishment that she bore in millennia, was for her, not Daniel's. During the fall, both Lucinda and Daniel still chose love as the highest of all. The Throne can't do anything about it because it is out of their hands. But it will come at a price—the giving up of their angelic natures.

They will be born again, made anew as mortals. They will not remember anything, no angel would cross their path, they will live and they will die, just like every other mortal. Luce and Daniel accepted but with one condition—to return the Outcasts back into the fold of Heaven. It made me teary-eyed the way they said goodbye to all their angel friends, because they will not see them anytime anymore, and to each other—but it's til they meet again.

Seventeen years later, Luce was studying at Emerald College. Glad you're not going to school there, Luce! But of course she doesn't remember. There was a party after the orientation week on the other rooms at their dormitory. Luce was invited by her wacky roommate, Nora. Luce left the party to seek quiet air. When she was at the courtyard, he met this really handsome boy—short golden hair, soft-looking lips and gorgeous violet eyes.

He introduced himself as Daniel. I'm so happy they finally met in their mortal lifetime!Read An Excerpt. One careless moment with a dagger and suddenly the Elders were running scared, all of them fearing the wrath of the Scale. When something bigger than them spurred them on. She knew she wasnt tumbling anymore, though she couldnt see anything in 13 front of her except for the blanket of blackness.

Answer him, someone said, a voice from the shadows. In order to locate the site of the Fall, they have to find the three relics first. So she begins the most important journey of this lifetime. Her most intuitive movements were stunted by panic.

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